About Us 

Ark and Brook  an authentic, independent, locally expert, globally connected, impartial Thought Leadership Community bringing together over 100 years integrated communication expertise with specialties in Public Relations

As a membership body we publish the Spotlight Magazine and Host Ignite events


Our mission is to cast a Spotlight on locally expert underrepresented and or emerging Thought Leaders

to earn their global visibility and gain credibility.


Our vision is to Transform emerging Thought Leaders into visible Global Experts by amplifying their

entrepreneurial voices through authentic storytelling.


Our Work


Spotlight Magazine an e-publication for Start-ups

Spotlight™ is our disruptive print and video format magazine where to put a Spotlight on hidden talent and showcase undiscovered innovation and underrepresented talent. We aimed for a modest 12 interviews in 2020 but we got 20 Trail-blazing Fearless Badass Thought Leaders to tell their stories.


As we all know it’s a cluttered world out there, getting listed in Forbes or FT takes some doing, and there is a GAP in the market for middle – C-suite level innovative people like us to get our voice heard. Spotlight’s mission is to illuminate the light on your innovative work. Join the Spotlight revolution in 2021!

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Thought Leadership Community™ was established early 2018. As a follow through to that, the Spotlight™ magazine and subsequently, the Ignite™ Awards and Events have since followed that trend.


2020 was a year of badass FEARLESS reckoning! Our 2021 theme is the year of MANIFESTING and reconciling all these innovative ideas into an authentic, independent, locally expert, globally connected, impartial Thought Leadership 'pulse' like-no-other. For that reason, Ark and Brook serves as a membership body to oversee all of the TLC programs in one space. It is governed by a committee of hand-picked and well vetted experts called Apostles - that bring a rich body of expertise from 12 main industries (Retail, Real Estate, Law, Public Services, Construction, Marketing, Aviation, Health Care, Science & Technology, Religion, Education and Non-Profit). These categories are simply a start - and umbrella industries which need to be broken down into niche sectors under specific TLC Chapters across the globe. 

We are currently recruiting TLC Apostles representations in all sectors under the 12 industries. Therefore, if you have a passion and what it takes to drive a sustainable consortium of Thought Leaders, do reach out to me ASAP. Full training will be provided along with 12 lucrative incentives!

Thought Leaders are informed opinion leaders and the go-to experts in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people to innovate ideas into reality and know and show how to replicate their success. Denise Brosseau

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Igniting Minds. Making Lives sparkle...

Ignite events are curated to support the hard work of our club members. By awarding their hard work annually we hope to ignite them to become better versions of themselves. 

We all learn from experts who have practiced and perfected the trade. "You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world." Oprah 

'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story!  Maya Angelou

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Providing access to literacy in Zambia 

Our Founder is passionate about Educating Minds and Changing Lives literally. Since 2006 10 % of our profits from A&B  benefit The Henry Morrison Limula Foundation.


For over 12 years, Jennifer Nash has worked out of pocket on this project; initially as passion project now a registered Charity and Social Business Enterprise Non Profit Organisation (SBENGO) which she founded as part of her mission to deliver educational and social services through an advocacy vision to save public infrastructure, spaces and places such as libraries and community hubs in Zambia. The goal is to raise awareness about the foundation's cause and build its reputation.So far she has written a 48-page SOP legacy paper which includes a crisis management plan, a detailed outline of a 5-year PR and marketing campaign strategy of how the foundation can achieve its goal to increasing literacy levels in Zambia. This includes setting KPI's and Social Return on Investment targets.

Some of the goals already achieved by executing tactics such as introduction of income generating activities, individual donation and grants initiatives, government contracts and recruitment of volunteers. In addition have seamlessly transitioned HML to building capacity with stakeholders thus realising a healthy triple bottom line e.g. increasing visibility and organic search by 90% during high fighting and 70% residual CTRs and SEOs on low flighting seasons.