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Be it startups, sole proprietors and artisans, Spotlight Magazine is here to serve you and support you as emerging Thought Leaders by telling your stories through interview profiles called The View (Profile).


The magazine also includes The Scoop: Our top tips on gaining publicity and how-to productivity hacks kindly shared by our contributing editors who themselves who have 20 years' plus of industry experience in their fields of expertise.







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Unique reach is the unsung ROI hero. With Spotlight magazine you can Reach over 3,000 engaged female Entrepreneurs who are are engaged readers and subscribers through our thought leadership Paid, Earned, Social and Owned marketing [PESO] strategies. We offer unparalleled coverage for all of your digital advertising measurement needs i.e. subscriber engagement blogs and our snip & clip newsletter which further highlights all featured stories and entrepreneurs.

*The Stats That Stack Up:  To give you an idea of the conversion you could get:


  • 88% Combined Click Through Rates on our Publications and Newsletters

  • 3% engagement on content and reactions on subsequent Social Media posts

  • 625 LinkedIn Subscribers receive The BoldType:  Spotlight Newsletter direct into their inbox

  • 209 average number of impressions for each article within 72 hours of publishing 

Bonus: Out of a 1 000 female entrepreneurs surveyed in 2021, 80% said they resonated with our tone of voice, 77 loved our niche passion for women empowerment , 50% of PRs pros in our network recommend their client to be featured  or tell their authentic story and 78% said they would recommend a friend / client to read Spotlight Magazine.


DISCLAIMER: *While we try our 100% best to promote Spotlight content, these stats are provided for guidance only based on insights obtained from our average metrics and depends on your own efforts by supporting our marketing & PR by engaging with our content and sharing it with your network.  The 50% of PRs pros sample is a 5/10  sources who  we invite and have responded to our QW pitch requests over any given 30 day period. Therefore, we do not guarantee sales conversions, CTRs or any of above  stated stats. 

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Visibility is key for your success, this is the reason why we've decided to give business women who exhibit care and concern for others, social responsibility, leadership and impact, a cost effective space to advertise your business in Spotlight Magazine.


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"There Is No Greater Agony Than Bearing An Untold Story"

- Maya Angelou

A creative exchange.

Spotlight Magazine is a cornerstone platform for our creative exchange, which features female entrepreneurs and youth to amplify their collective voices as credible emerging or established Thought Leaders.

With real women on the cover, these Spotlight magazines include exclusive written articles by credible Thought Leaders just for you to read.

Your subscription helps us fund the publication costs and pay fair wages to our staff who are based in least economically developed countries.


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