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Celebrating Your Wins.

Founded by Jennifer Nash, the Global Ignite Vision & Action (G.I.V.A.) movement is a space for female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to be seen, heard, known and be celebrated by their peers as global experts in their field.


Our movement seeks to address two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as benchmarks:


  • SDG5: To achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls by reaching our highest score possible

  • SDG10: Reduce inequality within and among countries by 2030 by recognising one million women with GIVA awards globally.

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"Together We Ignite Your Uncommon  Vision With  Our common Goals!"

That Is To Impact More Lives.

Amplify Your Voice. Enhance Your Credibility


The G.I.V.A. awards are established to award and give recognition to Sh-EOS, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Coaches and anyone in the private or informal Business Sector, Sustainability and Social Impact Businesses or Community Interest Company.

Simply put, G.I.V.A. peer to peer awards, Empower, Elevate and Endorse Female Entrepreneurs:


  • To celebrate your wins and spotlight your brilliance

  • To honour and reward you for your service to mankind as a woman

  • To ignite your vision, acknowledge and recognise you for your social impact in our society.

"To ensure no one is left behind when it comes
to award representation and recognition!"

The G.I.V.A. Awards Story So Far...

Our very first G.I.V.A. award ceremony was held in 2021 and  nominated over a 100 amazing women; 10 of whom went on to be Category and GIVA title winners respectively. We celebrated them by casting a bright PR spotlight on their achievements among other GIVA winners' perks. 


Curated and commissioned by Ark and Brook PR as part of our Thought Leadership Collective to build capacity with and call-to-action all media stakeholders:


  • To Journalists: Increase top tier media reporting of women in the informal sector business.

  • To PRs: Increase representation of self-employed  or female led businesses

  • To The Public: See, Know and Recognise female entrepreneurs as credible thought leaders with authority who are contributing to a greater good in society.

This year, we are proud to introduce the GIVA2022 theme of GIVA'er The Spotlight  which is a play-on to giving women the spotlight they deserve on the virtual red-carpet ceremony and celebrating their social impact as soul centred change-makers!

Together, we want to give a Gift That Keeps Giving by raising  $1 million USD by 2030 to benefit The HML Foundation.


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October 22th | 7pm until late

Want to become a nominee?

Grab your GIVA2022 spot to register in the category of your choice.

Pssst! Our  PR & Marketing Visibility package of benefits is engineered to amplify your collective voices is now worth over £90,000!

"GIVA is the ULTIMATE and most PRESTIGIOUS form of PR publicity strategy!"

The Winners of GIVA 2021

Business women who exhibit care and concern for others, social responsibility, leadership and impact.