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Jennifer Nash

Here Is My Why....

 I Love To Get Women Into The Spotlight 

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In February of 2010, a naïve brown girl immigrated to the UK, still wet behind her ears; she relentlessly pursued her dream of working in the sleek redbrick buildings with complex architectural workmanship. That girl’s wishes came to pass! She commuted in trains and tubes packed like sardines to work her 9-5 jobs, mostly working twice as much because there was no one else that looked like her in those offices or board rooms! Through sweat and tears; she persevered working in some of the most competitive and sort after PR agencies in London’s Mayfair and Soho.

However, having reached her childhood dream of working in the city in plush offices,having the nice designer clothes, and brushing shoulders with celebs and influencers, she realized that her definition of success was misaligned! It was based on money, it was based on power, it was based on status. That little girl in the story is me and that awakening kicked off an entirely new career.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Nash, also known as The Bespoke PR Maven on LinkedIn [But my friends call me Jen]. I've been known to challenge the PR industry status quo with my own innovative and mostly disruptive PR tactics to get my clients heard, seen, known, and recognised as thought leaders with expert authority in their industry.


At Ark & Brook PR Agency, we help SME’s and entrepreneurs’ step by step guiding you and helping you to build your thought leadership in an authentic voice, growing your audience with brand ambassadors, and tinkering to find the best strategy that works for you. 

With over 15 years’ experience in media relations and editorial publication as an editor-in-chief of a Spotlight magazine. I’m a prolific storyteller with ability to convert global audiences to buy into brands’ vision. I use my copywriting and PR skills to embody the brand voice and use your business culture to penetrate through to your ideal audience [existing and prospective]

 “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

At heart, I'm an unapologetic International Relations and Social Justice Activist and Changemaker Advocate. I have over 16 years on- the-ground experience of working and living in EMEA and USA markets. My own arduous journey from Caterpillar to Butterfly is my 'WHY' I love spotlighting others. It is my passion to put a spotlight on underrepresented and often marginalised people in our society, especially women, youth and children to amplify their collective voices.

I'm especially passionate to help Female Entrepreneurs Dare-To-Be Unforgettable through enhanced collective PR and global thought leadership visibility strategies. So That You Can Be Seen, Heard and Known As Experts in Your Field. To 10x Your Revenue. Ignite Your Vision. Claim Your Spotlight. Immortalize Your Legacy.

I'll help you earn industry recognition and media coverage thus enhancing and protecting your business and personal reputation. That is why I founded Ark & Brook, a PR agency with perks like a Thought Leadership Collective community made with love!

While I'm a mom, married to Tim Nash, and based in a quintessentially English village in Gerrards Cross (halfway between Oxford and London); I love spending time with my virtuous circle - a Thought Leadership Collective of global female Entrepreneurs who Dare-To-Be Unforgettable! Hope to see you there soon. For now; here is your Free Gift just for stopping by. Grab a copy of this guide now to start Crafting Your Perfect Pitch Story + Bio!


Public Relations is NOT just about reputation management, it's about inspiring others into action. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started educating minds and changing lives!

Together, We're Better.