Artificial Intelligence cannot substitute human Intuition

Updated: May 21, 2020

In my last post, I said the following "Thrive: Whatever you do...allow yourself to thrive! There is no point going on in this life striving to be this and that if there is no end game!

We all have a purpose and the point to what we do. If you have been working in a job that you hate just to pay the bills - then you have been striving. There is no harm in working, but its how that makes you feel."

To follow on this line of thought, there is the topic of AI which on its own is an immense value addition that technology has gifted us with. However, I want to express my reservations about how in some instances in modern culture we are looking to substitute humans intuition with AI.

In the beginning - there was God, then there was a human....With his many gifts, man has evolved to rule over the universe with clever productivity hacks and one of them is AI...hooray! But the point is; how far is too far? Can we allow AI to take over our human interactions and relationships at the cost of human existence? This is a highly contentious matter being discussed everywhere, but I have recently found myself in conversations that left me dismayed and unconformable at the prospect of being turned into a human robot that does and speaks as it is told with no feelings.

Where do we draw the lines? By extension, a robot is designed to make our lives easier not to replace our emotional connections i.e. compassion and duty of care which is very much part of being human.

Flowery Language Vs. Abbreviated Comms

I have an occupational hazard by virtue of being a copywriter and a recipient of SLA.

I have therefore gained a huge vocabulary, I don’t know what to do with. Partly because an unacclaimed linguist, and partly because I grew up writing 'real language' as opposed to modern languag, where everything is abbreviates. I tend to write elongated sentenced, I can't seem to bring myself to the short hand modern language. So I ask, Is this the end of language as we know it - or just yet another evolution from Latin to English back to stone age symbols or short-hand? While I can imagine you sending this blog to a friend with hey check this Dns - LMAO can you imagine hif about all this OMG! Say what ?

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