Caught In The Spotlight: Dr. Crystal Whitmarsh's Tell-All Of Her An Unexpected Leadership Journey!

Toot! Tooting our own horn! I’m super proud of Spotlight Magazine's caterpillar to butterfly journey – which has been empowering, exciting as much as it has been challenging in a good way. Now at the end of year 2, we have grown our wings and are souring high. Thanks to our amazing Contributing Expert Writers and editorial team.

As we come to the Spotlight curtain call for 2021, naturally we chose Content Syndication as the theme of this end of year issue. Building up from the International Women's Day [IWD2021] theme of Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world, which celebrated the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future, we too at Ark & Brook PR, we also celebrated them - G.I.V.A style!

Cannot believe it's already three and half weeks since GIVA2021! My team and I at Ark & Brook PR have immensely enjoyed watching social media explode with posts of gratitude, excitement, and celebration by all the GIVA2021 winners. In particular, as Editor-In-Chief of Spotlight magazine, it gives me immense pleasure to present the credentials of Crystal Whitmarsh so you in turn can see why she deserved to be crowned the GIVA2021 Queen!

We have cover to cover of powerful female entrepreneurs changemakers, from the awe-inspiring cover story by Crystal Whitmarsh to putting a Spotlight on Women and girls - we echoed this year's trend

‘May We Know Them, May We Be Them. May We Raise Them.

The above quote is the conversation starter for GIVA. To that end, it is my pleasure to bring to you this special edition of Spotlight – from cover-to-cover spotlighting everyday social impact heroes in our community! Starting with our cover story featuring Dr. Crystal Whitmarsh; a Board Certified Neurologic Physical Therapist, Instructor in Physical Therapy, at Mayo Clinic Clinical Educator, Entrepreneur [co-owner of Trail Creek Coffee Roaster], the latter which is where the synergy with GIVA happened!

Crystal is the epitome of what a GIVA recipient was defined to be! She sets the bar so high it will be amazing to see how we can top that in 2022 [that’s a tall order!]

She was raised by a single mother in Upper Michigan where she played college basketball at Finlandia University and frequented locally owned coffee shops. She was engaged in Campus Crusade for Christ and found a love of serving her community which developed her servant leadership philosophy through outreach and volunteer work.

She tells her story in this issue with candour and wit entitled An Expected Leadership Journey where she narrates…

“When life gets interrupted, the unexpected happens, a child is sick, I forgot about a meeting, or I just plain run out of time; I hit the pause button. Take a deep breath. Pray. And ground me in these values. If whatever is pressing at that moment aligns accordingly, then it deserves a place at the table. Everything else…like cleaning, dishes, and laundry… is a ball that I’m okay with dropping and letting bounce for a while. Read more

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In this issue, we also cover top tips on how to Jumpstart Your Signature Program by Writing a Book by Yvonne Ruffin [who we love as she quoted one of our fave quotes above by Maya Angelou], and our very own regular Expert Contributor and Celebrity Pilates trainer, Lynda Lippin is back with her timely piece, When Will You See Results from Pilates Workouts? This and much more juicy pieces from Content Syndication 101. The unexpected lessons we’ve learned from George Clooney: Why Influencer marketing is no silver bullet for small business

George Clooney Pic: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP

We cannot leave out Mrs Clooney from the Spotlight as we value her wisdom! As she says;

The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other, and this is something we can practice every day, no matter where we are and what we do—women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticizing one another." —Amal Clooney

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