Dare-To-Be a Thought Leader Pt. 4

Finish Strong:

My last post in the series and thank God its Friday literally and the end of the year! #TGIF to me is the best way to finish strong. Even though you may have the anti-climax after Christmas, or might have had a rough year, make it your deliberate mission to finish the year 2019 strong! The world might have other plans for you but only you can #Manifest. #Believe. #Act like a winner! The main photo of me and my husband in our silly Santa Claus and Mrs Claus hats in the banner is a tongue-in-cheek, silly way that my husband and I choose to reflect on the year just gone past. We always choose to 'not sweat the small stuff'. With child like minds (attitude) to what might have been a really tough year for either one of us, we always take silly Christmas photos to make us relax and ease ourselves into the new year. This gives us the rite of passage to not carry the burdens of our past into the new year....As this is the last in the Dare-To-Be series, each paragraph will have a Call-to-Action of me 'daring you'...so I start with this point - I dare you as a Thought Leader, to finish strong; to...

Reflect on your past year...the peaks and troughs and choose to learn from them and taken the best 'photo' ....in your case - take heed of the insights gathered - use them to reflect back to you the best version of yourself.

Discover: As the New Year peaks ahead around the corner. Why not purposefully go out to all those year-end parties to discover potential opportunities for you to speak, give expert advice (if you have been underselling yourself or under represented) or simply connect and learn something from your network? It is possible to just go through the hoola-hoops of life without stopping to take stock of what is out there. So, I dare you to be more curious, more purpose driven to find that link in the chain that might lead to your discovering the Thought Leader in you that you might not otherwise have known existed.

Explore: As you examine your newly discovered self. Why not do a fitness check. As with cars over 5 years old - they have to go through an annual fitness / MOT check...humans are not exempt from this test. The obvious one we all hopefully do on default - is a physical medical check-up...Why not try a Mental, Emotional, Career and Spiritual analysis. Now is a good time to be carrying out your own SWOT analysis to just check if you still have that anointing oil to function spiritually, or indeed that mental agility to carry on with your work. Whatever you do, take some time to unplug and explore what is within you - Your internal Strengths and Weaknesses, and externally what are the Opportunities and Threats that you might be facing as an existing Thought Leader or if you are a prospective one at that. I dare you to explore...

Become: The good old cliche is that as we get into 2020, we all have a list of New Year resolutions to check off. Its not such a bad idea after all. Everyone has what it takes to be the best version of themselves. Today, Dec 27, I read my devotion by Joyce Meyer which reminded me once again (has been for the last 13 years since I started the 365 Starting Your Day Right devotions for each day of the year). However, this one still catches me out,

"Don't keep on doing the same thing because people expect you to. I encourage you to prune off activities that fill your day but don't add to your life."

I could not agree more, because each year I find myself with so much clutter in my life and before I know it - I am burned out at end of the year! So, I dare you to Become the best version of yourself that you have resolved for the new year! If it means taking less speaking engagements because you where an over achiever and have found yourself letting people down because you are over subscribed, my policy is - its better to under promise and over deliver, than to over promise and under deliver! Of course, I fell into that trap in 2019 - because I am not exempt from that error in my ways of wanting to please everyone and being everything to everyone... So am the first one to admit and be jolted by Joyce Meyer's word today.

Grow. We don't have to follow the example of the world, because of all the pressures to become what other people expect us to be. I am not saying I have all the answers, but 'you can lay down the overwhelming pressure to achieve.'..and science has all the empirical evidence to prove my theories. If you finish strong (positive mindset) helps you recharge. If you move, you will discover...What you Do, you will Become. If you Prune, you will Grow! So yet again; I dare you to take all the above points and try them out and see where they take you! I am of course available to sign-post you into the right direction. In 2020 I am working on the IGNITE events, but if you cannot wait, I am able to give 1-2-1 sessions remotely on WhatsApp on +44 075 1873 3692 or DM me for Skype details.

Final Thought: Thrive: Whatever you do...allow yourself to thrive! There is no point going on in this life striving to be this and that if there is no end game! We all have a purpose and the point to what we do. If you have been working in a job that you hate just to pay the bills - then you have been striving. There is no harm in working, but its how that makes you feel...Not everyone can simply quit their jobs and pursue their passions- heck no that's not what am saying because that is as irresponsible as it unrealistic because we have bills to pay. However, I dare you to find time for a passion project! Not one that will necessary make you leave a legacy, but one that will help you build your self-esteem back and give you a purpose and motivation for doing what you are already doing...to work even if it hurts! Those close to me - will tell you this is one of my best and strongest traits. I am always open to new possibilities because I #Manifest. #Believe. #Act on the belief that there is more to life than work, work, work. For me, my Faith (and by divine intervention also happens to be my middle name) helps me look outward of myself.

I have faith in the greater good of humanity and so am always seeking to push the boundaries to see how far I can go to Discover. Explore. Become that purpose for which I was created!
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