Dare-To-Be. A Thought Leader Pt.3

Thanksgiving is probably the best day suited for this post as the theme of this series is - yes you guessed right - Giving Thanks! This is also probably the least recognised attribute of most leaders - in this case Thought Leaders. It is very easy to go through life patting ourselves on the back and enjoying the limelight or spotlight that we find ourselves basking in forgetting those that give us a hand! It is therefore, prudent and proper to stop and thank those people that put you there in the first place... Remember, Thought Leadership is not an island. It cannot exist in isolation!

So how did you find yourself on this 'high pedestal'? Without sounding patronizing...am sure you know...its the triple 'd' trick .i.e. determination, dedication and discipline. Just as sure as the sun rises and sets, I can be 100% sure that you did not land to be in the genius zone by accident. That is why I say Thought Leadership is not an island. It cannot exist in isolation! Even for Walter O'Brien the fictional character of the Netflix series Scorpion; with an IQ of 197 (higher than Einstein's 160 - by Walt's own admitted bragging rights), Walter appreciates he needs his team. There is Toby the human behaviourist (aka neuroscientist by PR standards), Sylvester the Human calculator, Happy the Protégé mechanic and last but not least Paige (bless her soul) the one that keeps them all human (aka the Public Relations Manager / Publicist). The latter brings me to my case-in-point - before there was a Thought Leader - there was a PR professional...why? Because they are the ones that connect you to a journalist so you can educate their audience about that topic you are an expert in!

The natural progression then in your 'thanksgiving link chain' is the journalist! Ah! Journalists - like their PR counterparts tend to get the wrong end of the stick too. Whereas PR professional are simply labeled spin-doctors, Journos are often met with similar kind of mistrust or abuse for doing their jobs. For making people uncomfortable in pursuit of digging out the truth. Let's just say the truth should not hurt if you are authentic. So fear not if you have innovative content that is worth sharing with the world - you have earned being called the pathfinder, trail blazer and many other such endearing titles that in short mean Thought Leadership!

Finally, but not the least, thank your audience! Let's be honest, if there were no eye-balls, listernership, readers or consumers for all the geniuses of the world to showcase their sparkly new phenomenon, we might all as well be talking to rocks (just pray they don't answer you back!). So what shape or form does gratitude to the audience take? It's simple - always assume your audience are smart, intuitive, and worth telling the truth to! Yes, that 'T' word again! Keeping it real is the only password you need to being your authentic self.

Therefore it goes without saying that as long as you maintain that magic equation - which ultimately results in the Reach (PR strategy) Resonance (journalistic magic) and Reaction (engaged audience) you are good to go!

Final word: Reward all three (Publicist, Journalist and Audience) with valuable content they can proudly work with! That's the best way to thank them for calling you a genius! Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

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