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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Welcome to our first edition of Spotlight Zine published on issuu. It comes with immense pleasure and gratitude to all our clients and small but mighty army of contributing editors who put their faith in us with their content. Together we are happy to be navigating these uncharted waters of the first ever Thought Leadership magazine owned by a startup for the Startup audience which includes but is not limited to SMEs, Artisans, Freelancers and every type of small business that perhaps doesn't fit into the categories we have named above.

It is with great pride and joy that we bring you this global phenomenon with exclusive content for you to Explore what it means to be a Thought Leader in this complex and cluttered digital space where everyone is a prosumer.

We hope you can Discover tools and insights that will help you to sustain and scale up your business, but much more so, amplify your voice as an expert in your industry.

Again, massive thanks go to our fabulous contributing editors: Ceri-Jane Hackling, Adriana Wright, Audra Lamoon, Dineo Mabena, Denise Edwards, Tim Nash and Benno Spencer for 'your faith' by being our first adopters.

As Nelson Mandela once said;

It is always impossible until it's done".

More than anything else, we want to grow with you all our readers as we share and interrogate what it means to be a Thought Leader. Our expert articles and advice will do just that. So take the front row seat enjoy the view and Thrive. Download a PDF copy here.

Enjoy the read.

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