Dare-To-Be...a Thought Leader? four-part series

Following on the observation made by my dear friend, Audra Lamoon and subsequent posts I made earlier on distinguishing between 'Leadership' and 'Thought Leadership' I decided to follow my gut to start a four-part Dare-to-be leadership series which hopefully illuminates the spotlight on this rather rather elusive topic.

Part 1: What it is and is not!

It is often misunderstood that being a leader (learned skills and qualified to do a job in a prescribed framework) i.e management, operation etc by an organisation is the same as being a Thought Leader (pathfinder, innovative and visionary) to-go-to ‘think-tank’ and expert of a particular subject or field.

This misconception is normal and understandably so confusing. A leader in an organisation is often self-made, 90% of people can be learned through leadership skills training. Whereas, Thought Leaders are often ‘made’ and sought by others. Especially by professionals in the mass communication industry like PR Consultants and Journalists seeking efficacy commentary on a particular subject that requires technical or peer reviewed evidence based knowledge to gain deeper understanding of the subject matter. Both are complementary.


"Thought Leadership training adds value to your existing core leadership skills, increases your trust-worthiness and authenticates the specific area of your expertise around the narrative." -Jennifer Nash

Here’s how to do it:

If in doubt - its what we do at #AfricaTLC; we raise the bar by building others up: The more reason to join us so we can give you insights, media training and #tlcspotlight that will authenticate you as a reliable, professional #ThoughtLeader

Final Thought: Remember there is nothing more off putting than a self-prescribed Thought Leader. Let others put you on that pedestal literally, we can of course give you a hand to navigate those steps. Meantime, we highly recommend you have a read of this book to give you a head start...

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