I’m not bossy! I’m just confident.

What most women would want to say

There is a part of every woman that wants to say the sentence Ruthie articulates so well: "I am not bossy! I'm just confident." It's also been said, women can say I'm not feminist, and yet if asked to go back to living 40 years back, they certainly would want to change a lot of things or see a lot of things changed. Wired Women is exactly that 'not a Feminist movement' but a switched on tribe of women calling-to-action others to 'challenge that status quo' is to amplify women's voices and visibility.  For our Guest this week, she has her own take... defy /dɪˈfʌɪ/ Learn to pronounce verb  1.openly resist or refuse to obey. 2. "a woman who defies convention"

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