Leaders In The Spotlight: Global Fempreneurs To Gather In One Universal Event.

I can’t believe it’s October, my favourite month for so many reasons one of which a) it’s my Dad’s birth month, b), its GIVA event month and c) it’s Fall / Autumn! Just what I need to spice things up a latte!

oh I mean, I need me some PSL!

So, we’re gearing up for the pen ultimate year end event here at GIVA HQ! Our Judges are onboarded, and they smashed it in during the Ignite Summit held over 14 days in in September inside our Facebook Group>>> Dare-To-Be Unforgettable Entrepreneurs community.

So the submissions are rolling in and you awesome global changemakers are killing it. And if not yet, then of course you’re missing out on the good stuff! Which in that case, roll your sleeves and muck in fast – or forever hold your peace because GIVA season 2 is now! A big welcome to all that have completed theirs, well done YOU!

I’m therefore privileged and honoured to bring to you our head judge Robbin Jorgensen, who is leading from the front literally as a Thought Leader with her 5 steps to IDENTIFY YOUR SOCIAL IMPACT IDEA in the article entitled ‘Is Driving Social Change for a Better World’.

The BoldTypes bucking the trend in Boss Babes bad assery in this Spotlight magazine issues are JoyLet Founders. Going from class work to business: From sustainability to Entrepreneurship!

Teaming up with Team GIVA, who are giving 10 lucky winners a chance of a lifetime. In this Issue We Give Away Award Entries worth £1,490! That’s no small change.

Finally, we bring to you 2 special Cause Marketing offers from our GIVA sponsors, Savimbo with our own play on words ‘No Men Allowed! Auto tracking. Direct supply. No middlemen: speaking of their carbon credits on offer right now in return for photos of very sexy trees😊 Duh!

October festivities and harvest celebrations cannot be complete without events! So, our GIVA sponsor Chalice is cooking up quite a spicy mix literally! Join them for COCKTAIL THERAPY. This mixologist-guided experience will walk you through crafting three (3) bespoke wine-based cocktails.

Yup, even if we’re not royalist per se; we have a small farewell tribute to Queen Elizabeth, a woman who inspired many for 70 years to pursue their purpose with a sceptre of justice and in defence of her faith. We thank you for your service, Ma’am.

P.s GIVA After Party (in observance of global rising cost of living, we have chosen not to have an after party this year. Instead, all monies to be raised for the party will be donated to The HML Foundation’s GenKids Fund which provides free snacks and drinks during our pop-libraries to resume in April 2023). Suppose you want to support The HML Foundation;

So in true Spotlight Illumination of your brilliance style, I hope and look forward to seeing you at this year’s though muted but nonetheless celebratory GIVA2022 award ceremony event.

I bid you light and abundance .

Best, Jennifer Nash xoxo

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