Dare-To-Be...A Thought Leader? Pt 2

As I carried on with my research for this article, I was stopped in my tracks to appreciate the below very well written quotes - so very worth sharing... So instead of using my own words as an opener, I've chosen to recycle the following: "Stay up to speed with industry news and prevailing trends - Look for white space you could fill." - Linstock Communications


Are you looking at it from a new angle, are you adding a fresh perspective or are you just regurgitating what someone else has said? - Dominic King, Former Global Research Manager, GTI

I could't agree more with the above two quotes from Linstock. As an example; when I go out and meet prospective and existing clients to discuss their 2020 integrated comms strategy; I often find myself guiding SME's and independent retailers to adopt Thought Leadership as an example of a fresh perspective. Thought Leadership as a PRHack is not exclusive to big corporations. It is in fact a very useful and authentic tool that can help them stay-on trend as journalists and magazine editors like myself love Cinderella stories. Storytelling with a unique narrative brings even the most bland tale alive. It engages readers and connects the audience to the business owner in a more intimate way than any other form of communication can achieve. Following on to the BBC 'High Street: How many shops have closed article excerpt I shared last week (highlighting the very pressing issue retailers are currently facing. i.e. dwindling footfall), notwithstanding the fact that social media is becoming increasingly competitive and noisy, small businesses are finding themselves constantly suffocated by the pace of self generated content they can hardly keep up with in producing. In talking to most retailers, their main rationale that seems to come across always the same...rentals are too high or we do not have any support from the landlords. Of course, we all need a helping hand at some point...however, sometimes, we look for the help in all the wrong places. I feel for these clients, instead of them changing the lens on their outlook, most of these clients seem to be afraid of moving from their comfort zones to try new ways of analysing the situation, for instance finding a new a way of marketing themselves; i.e. embracing Public Relations tactics and or bringing in new experiential shopping concepts that would set them apart from online retailers or indeed heeding the trends as suggested in the BBC report. How can we expect different results if we keep doing the same things over and over? Retailers are not the only ones stuck in this cycle....even non retail corporations often find themselves in a bind, where they are too big to adapt to their changing environment...but at least they can afford to move slowly because they are giants. At the risk of sounding preachy; about what is right or wrong, am the first to admit - we all can use a pep talk in one area or another... where we struggle to re-invent ourselves due to habit or other barriers...but my sincere hope is that this article and that of BBC can resonate and help someone reading it today.

That's where the timely advice of staying on trend comes to its own...if its not working out for you - try the Adapt. Adopt. Change formula. Personally, I have created my own personal formula - I use daily nuggets from these three inspiring words Manifest. Believe, Act. (MBA) as a re-awakening call - when I find myself slacking or stepping backwards into my own retrogressive habits. For my clients, or anyone interested in learning more about alternative ways of re-imagining retail; I have created the Thought Leadership IGNITE masterclass series in collaboration with other passionate and successful independent retailers working together towards a continual learning survival kit strategy to stay on trend and relevant on the high street and online...

Final Thought: Remember there is nothing more retrogressive than regrets.

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