The light makes all things visible: June definitely needs illumination.

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Hello, Ciao, 你好, здороваться, Bwanji, Jambo everyone!

What a difference 2 months can make in life. Since our last issue of Spotlight magazine, Covid-19 has claimed over 400k lives worldwide. Since then, we have had a series of unfortunate global incidents such as Ebola in Congo DRC and police brutality in the USA. To this end, please allow me to take a moment to remember the families that have lost their loved ones or have been affected by any of it - in one way or another.

On the upside, a lot of good has happened in our midst. Lots of love has poured out around the globe, uniting foes and friends with so much compassion and solidarity! So let’s Explore some of these ups and downs together.

Audra Lamoon has 5 top tips how-to to serve and survive (re-emerge). Discover our regular contributor, Ceri-Jane’s Thought Leaders Aren’t Built in a Day as she continues to serve the Small to Medium Enterprises, be it start-ups, sole proprietors, and artisans with useful tips on. We welcome Nicky Regazzoni with 5 tips on adapting to WFH. While this issue’s The Spotlight View, we have ‘spotted’ two authentic advocacy stories, featuring Boz Saint John and the story behind Furlounteer a community interest website

We round up The Scoop: with this issue’s Op-Eds, this time Dineo Mabena explores the #BlackLivesMatter phenomena the global issues defying borders. We also bring you a twitter top-tips research paper discovered by our Spotlight team. In The Protégé section, we present Mina Vucic, an up and coming professional in her area of interest; While Carl Jones ask of the ad industry Can good come out of bad? Checkout KuzyaHub Careers section for current job and volunteer listings.

Having gone back to 'normal' work recently, do remember to kick-off your shoes, rub your tired feet and enjoy our Thrive section we introduce BusyBeingJennifer (Salter ) with her Everyday Boss tips for cottage industry entrepreneurs. Grab some facial tissue for an intimate story of Mixed Blessings by yours truly - as I tell-all how I chose Love over a potential career in the Silicon Valley... while at it, screenshot our scrumptious recipes for later.

Finally but not least, we feature small businesses banner ads offering specials or re / launching new products or services and are looking to test/inform the market. The Black book list can be found in our Contact Page. It has clickable links to everyone in the current issue as well as helpful FAQ contacts for Non-profits, Clubs and Societies and free service providers to help our readers navigate content on and off-line. Not forgetting you - our keen readers in Q&A you have an opportunity to 'Ask the Editor' any question on current, previous, or future topics.

I truly hope you will enjoy our fresh and improved look and feel the layout of our business and pleasure content to help you navigate life with ease after what has been such a polarizing last couple of months. Whatever you do, we hope you continue to a brighter future and thrive.

jennifer Nash


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