'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you'

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" says Maya Angelou.

This echos my LinkedIn post last week, that there is always a story to be told in everyone's belly. Within that, there is a beginning, middle and an end (and always an intention aka a narrative to every story told). So again, I say to my long suffering newsletter subscribers, pardon my enthusiasm, y'all know my story first hand of screwing up in the past and more recently, last Friday when I unintentionally sent an unedited version of my own story by pressing 'review and send' instead of 'send a test email' to myself. On the upside, the unintended consequences of that blunder, meant I received emails and texts messages from people saying 'Don't worry about it Jennifer, 'these things happen', 'we are human', or 'it happens'! Those responses made me even appreciate more the idea of telling authentic stories and being human (first). That being said, I have had a privilege of interviewing amazing women, and 'humans' as some have rightly so, corrected me that they are 'human' before they are 'women'.

It's been almost 540 minutes (and still counting) of conversations, with people from all walks of life across the globe. Telling their stories from their own perspectives. For the most part, the main narrative has been 'just do it'. So much so that, to that point, am now beginning to think that Nike should partner with Ark and Brook and sponsor the Wired Women series as our guests are unconsciously invested in the brand's ethos or tag line.

Okay! So, we know not everyone can do the upside down scissor splits...but the bottom line is we can all do what we are passionate about (while scared!) - hence just do it! Here is to me practicing what I preach. This blog is a do-over for the story I didn't get a chance to share properly with my newsletter audience on Friday 25 September, because both technology and human shortcomings were at odds with each other.

First of, I want to acknowledge those that are subscribed to my newsletters and say thanks so much for remaining on my mailing list, you are brave souls! And if you have not yet subscribed, I encourage you to do so here. I started by saying, it is now Autumn or Fall in the northern hemisphere and almost summer elsewhere. Whatever the season we embrace the change that is all part of being human!

Speaking of change, I'm planning on a new look of 4 monthly newsletters. Relax! That still means only one newsletter per week / per topic i.e. The newsletter topics are further described below:

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4. Wired Women newsletter. If you have enjoyed the Wired Women classic newsletter, this is the place to stay connected. We continue to share more intimately, a synopsis of our Featured Guest. Spotlighting the theme of that week's conversation and inviting you to view the current episode if you have not been able to subscribe to our channel for one reason or the other. It's also an opportunity to learn a little bit more from me, as I share my take-away from the conversation. Series ends November, 2020. Shh! Some Christmas & seasonal specials will air in between! Then Season 2 starts April 2021:-)

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