What Are People 'really' Saying About You?

One of the most popular posting doing rounds on social lately reads as follows:

To all of you who worry what others may think or say about you...Here is a room FILLED with all of the people who pay your bills, walk in your shoes every day, determine your future, and love your family way more than you possibly could! These are the same people you should allow to discourage you.
Let that sink in!

For all purpose and intention it saves well, those whose aim is to stay self-motivated in their goals and journey as solopreneurs and sole traders, because let's face it; it's supper lonely at the top as a C-suite exec right...well even more so as an entrepreneur just starting out. That's why I'm so grateful that something good and greater than all of us came out of 2020. The Facebook communities have mushroomed and have had exponential growth in last 12 months.

However, If you are still going it alone, there are so many amazing virtual networking communities that are receiving new and like members to form formidable alliances that encourage meaningful connections! I have recently been so privileged myself to join such as group as the Advance Women expert Network whose core values are Connection, Community and Relationship. I love it because I feel seen, heard and understood - unlike some communities I have been before which were all about what one can get for themselves and the almighty dollar! We have amazing collaboration pods and other state-of-art systems in place like never ever seen before. You too can join us here

That being said, do you ever wonder what and how others perceive you online and offline? This is so important from a business perspective - and YES you should care what your prospective customers and clients think! Everyone has a Reputation and Visibility scorecard, what is yours saying about you? YES! your business reputation scorecard that gives you info graphic insights so you can control your own narrative. If you don't know what's being said - wonder no more! You can Discover Your Reputation and Visibility Score and increase your ability to influence with credible authority right here

Whatever you decide to do today; do not worry about what anyone who does not pay your bills think. But DO REMEMBER THIS; you're worth being seen, heard, understood and recognised as an expert with authority in your field! So I encouraged you to take at least one imperfect step today - even if it scares you!

  1. Join a networking community of like minded people to support you

  2. Join a Facebook Community that will inspire with actionable visibility strategies

  3. Discover Your Reputation and Visibility Scorecard so you can increase your ability to influence with credible authority and stay ahead of your competition!

Well done you:-) Don't worry. Be Happy!

Best, Jen xoxo

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