Crisis Resolutions: Any thorns in your brand growth? Are you a hardy brand failing to soften up your reputation? The saying is "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail" With social media controlling brand perception and brands losing control on the brand message narratives; it is essential to be prepared. I can draft and create a full Crisis Preparedness Communication White paper which is 'drought-resistatnt' to cover common mishaps. This plan will include response strategies in case of a crisis, managing the crisis and exiting the crisis phase. Including media coaching for expert responses, reputation management and stakeholder engagement From £750 per day: Can be packaged with other services on a one off * Also available to existing clients as an add on project only.

Crisis Resolution

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  • Return and Refund policy. However much as I would like to refund clients in case you are dissatisfied with your service, providing a straight forward refund or exchange policy is impossible in the Service industry therefore as a way to build trust and reassure you that you can hire me with confidence. I offer these terms and conditions for my service:

    • A 50 % non-refundable on-boarding fee down payment on signing
    •  Followed by a non-contract monthly billables term payment schedule
    • All prices do not include cost of producing creative collateral, Journal meetings or travel to client / event location, event hiring, vendor fees or any other fees associated with production of tangible materials like images etc beyond consultancy fees and or copywritten work.