Press Releases or Relations: Does your  project fit the Press Picture  frame? Pressed for press time? Are you launching a news worthy project? Do you have a realistic vision for your project?

I will draft a Press Release as a one off - lone standing document or offer a full-service Media / Press Kit with 3 relevant Journalists contact bios, a draft email cover letter, a distribution list  and press-ready training of your internal press associate From £600 copy writting & distribution to Tier 2 media contacts

Press Release & distribution

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  • Return and Refund policy. However much as I would like to refund clients in case you are dissatisfied with your service, providing a straight forward refund or exchange policy is impossible in the Service industry therefore as a way to build trust and reassure you that you can hire me with confidence. I offer these terms and conditions for my service:

    • A 50 % non-refundable on-boarding fee down payment on signing
    •  Followed by a non-contract monthly billables term payment schedule
    • All prices do not include cost of producing creative collateral, Journal meetings or travel to client / event location, event hiring, vendor fees or any other fees associated with production of tangible materials like images etc beyond consultancy fees and or copywritten work.